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Why Choose - CampusWhiz?

Introducing CampusWhiz, a new age Campus Management Software Product for educational Institutes, which automates the entire spectrum of functions of an institute.

Harnessing the power of latest innovations in technology, the product integrates the critical functions of the institute and ensures better control over the health of an institute.

All important stakeholders in the ecosystem have access to a common platform to collaborate seamlessly in real time environment.

Management will have a bird's eye view of the performance of the institute across academics, staff, and financial health.

Benefits of CampusWhiz

One Stop shop for all stakeholders in the ecosystem- Management, Administrators, Staff and Parents

Operational Efficiency increase by at least 15%

24*7 after sale support ensures seamless operations

Parents can interact seamlessly with staff and management

Management can track the health of the institute real time

Advanced technology and architecture ensures product stability and scalability

Parents get real time updates/alerts about major events, ward’s performance

Manual Intervention minimized

What CampusWhiz offers...

Organize, Manage & Achieve

Internal Core Functions

All Accounting at one place

Dashboard driven analytics

Biometric Attendance for staff attendance

Real time tracking of Transport fleet for quick action

Seamless Integration with Tally

Consolidate, Refine & Broadcast

External Communication

Institute wide Broadcasting of events

GPS tracking for real time transportation alerts

Periodic and timely Fee alerts

Parent Teacher interaction tracked

Timely intimation of Examinations helps parents to prepare ward

Highly Secure Transactions

Security First

Data Privacy ensures data is used only for intended purpose

Data Security to ensure confidentiality

Secure Web access from your favorite device

Highly secure & Feature rich at Competitive price

Powerful Features

Cloud Hosting

Data hosted on the cloud which eliminates the need for servers and storage space

Online Fee payment

Very comfortable option for parents to make payments online

Finance Module integration with Tally

Seamless integration with Tally Package ensures financial data is updated real time

Three tier security mechanism

Ensures that data privacy and confidentiality is maintained

GPRS Tracking

Ensures that real time transport updates are available


Syllabus plan helps track actual vs plan

Integration with Amazon Alexa

Voice commands control reports and data analytics

Dynamic facial movement tracking

Auto capture of attendance


Seamless Integration with learning products

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